Public Data Collection & Aggregation

We can perform the hard work, so you dont have to. Save time searching, copying and pasting and leave it to the experts.

Collection & Aggregation of Public Data

Many of our vacancy intel customers have occasional requirements for data that can be collected from public websites. Because of this we have decided to make this service available to all customers.

The service is very much tailored to your own needs, one size does not fit all, and we recognise this.

Examples of the assistance we can provide might be lists of potential clients from a particular website along with publicly listed contact details, or freshly listed jobs from a certain source or even individuals with certain credentials from a public facing register. Whatever the nature of the data you need is, chances are we can access it and make it available in a format that suits you. Perhaps you have a list of potential clients that you would like contact details found (or updated) for, this is something we can probably help with.

We invite you to give us a outline of what you are trying to achieve by email and we will investigate and let you know what we can do for you. Your inquiry is in confidence and commits you to nothing.

Overall benefits of using our service:

  • Obtain data from public websites without having to copy and paste
  • Search for data from public websites automatically and receive the results
  • Data can be related to Jobs, Clients or Candidates
  • Data can be scheduled for future delivery in total or just what has changed
  • Monitor public web sites for certain conditions to be true (or false)
  • Data can be supplied in different formats including database

If you have a requirement please Contact us and give us a summary of what you need in order for us to assist you further without obligation.

Suneese can assist you with all your data collection and aggregation needs. Contact us and leave the rest to our experts.


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