Vacancy Intelligence Service - FAQ

We have special filters in place to detect these and remove them but some do get through and these are detected and removed by humans, usually by 10am UK time. Please use the report facility in Caerus after 10am.

If you look closely you will notice results being returned by Indeed that do not match or are not relevant. Caerus only returns results for exactly what is being asked for. For example "Bus Driver" will return only Bus Driver jobs whereas Indeed will give you any job with "Bus" in it and any jobs with "Driver" in it.

We endeavor to respond to all email communication (in working hours) within an hour or two. What we do find though is customers using free email services sometimes have issues with emails being sent to their SPAM folder. If you receive no reply please do check there or use our web chat facility or pick up the phone. Our opening hours can be found on the "Contact Us" page of this site.

Whilst the system is not case sensitive, it is spelling sensitive. If you find you get no results, please do check that your keyboard has not malfunctioned :-) In this instance of course "Python" and "London" was desired and when used, gave the correct results.

If you close down your browser without logging out of the site, the system still thinks you are logged in. Therefore when you attempt to login again you would (in the system's eyes) be logged in twice on a single user licence. Non active sessions are removed after about 15 minutes so simply wait for this time and try again or simply email or telephone and we can clear your old session for you.

The CSV download is designed to be used with Microsoft Excel (or compatible). If your files are opening with another application you need to use "open with" or have your IT support person fix the file association.

Yes you can. You will need to contact Suneese Sales to discuss your requirements. We are also working on a system where you will be able to specify online what your requirements are, this should be live in 1 to 2 months.

There could be a number of reasons for this. It could be that your mail server is mis interpreting our emails as spam and "bouncing" them, in which case please add to your white list. Maybe it is because your mail server will not accept emails large enough to accommodate the data we are sending you. Or, it could simply be that there are no vacancies today for your selection criteria. Call Suneese for assistance if you are not receiving your data.

Sorry no, in order to make this service available at the low cost we do, we do not employ credit control staff and pass these savings on to you.

We do offer discounts to those customers who wish to commit for a longer period yes. Please contact Suneese sales for further details.

No. If you purchase 4 weeks access (for example) you may use the system for 4 weeks and at the end you can re subscribe if you wish for a further period or let your subscription lapse. There is no automatic re-bill - unless you specifically request it.

Sorry no. If you purchase a newspaper but don't get time to read it, the newsagent would not refund you would they? Suneese is a subscription service, you pay for access to our vacancies database.

We have two main types of access. Reducing balance - this is where you purchase a number of leads to load a balance onto your account (like a mobile phone) and each time you request details of a lead your balance is decreased. The second method is a daily allowance - this is where you purchase a specified number of vacancies per (working) day for a set fee. You may view as many leads as you wish - up to the daily limit you have purchased.

We add fresh leads each day. The leads in the Caerus portal are colour coded, green leads are within one week, amber within one month, and red leads are older than one month. In addition, we also show the date we "found" the advertiser, and the vacancy. If both dates are the same then it is possible the lead is not totally fresh. However, if the date of the vacancy is newer then our daily site monitoring has "found" it and you can be sure it is as fresh as it can be.

Circa 98% of all vacancies in our main feeds are from direct employer websites. We also have a separate job board feed where you can view vacancies from job boards after we have screened out as many of the agency adverts as we can.

It is important to remember that the Suneese feed are leads and we make no representations as to how successful you might be. You should approach these leads like you would treat any other lead and make your pitch for the business.

We do include these in the feed but most are easily avoided if you don't wish to try them. We include these because 1) not all our customers are recruiters, and 2) some recruiters see these advertisers as a "challenge" and like to "have a go".

In the Caerus portal, we provide the means by which you can "block" leads from certain advertisers. This avoids you selecting leads from these companies in the future. You can also undo this should you wish to.

No. Suneese charges a basic price for a 'no frills' service. However, if you wish to make your daily email sector specific, regional or 'bespoke', then please contact your Suneese account manager to discuss further.

We are able to send vacancy leads from a single sector or region. For pricing, please contact your Suneese account manager.

Leads are made available to you either by email or via our Caerus portal. For emails, all of the details for each vacancy will be included in the email you receive, and in the portal, of course, all this information is also available.

Yes, you can. Some Suneese customers subscribe for 13 weeks, then take a short break while they work on the leads received, then return to us for a further period.

The actual technical workings are commercially sensitive and cannot be disclosed. That said, the system uses a combination of machine and human effort.

Yes and no. Each subscriber receives the same information, unless they have elected to subscribe to a single sector, or our Lite product which delivers 11 random leads from your chosen sector. It should be noted that our data covers all regions, and most generalist agencies will only work with vacancies in their own area and, of course, many end clients would prefer to use an agency in their own vicinity, if possible.

Yes and No. Your intelligence/leads data will be emailed to you between 10 and 10.30am. You also have the choice, if you prefer, to log on to our Caerus portal to retrieve your leads. Or you can setup one or more searches in the portal and have the results emailed to you daily.

No. If we rang each advertiser, we would have to charge a much higher fee.

Yes. We do and, if the date has passed, we discard the data. In the Caerus portal you are able to see when the advertiser (employer) was added, and when the vacancy lead you are looking at was added too.

No. We endevour to remove them. Suneese never knowingly includes agency vacancies in its feeds.


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