Website Monitor

No need to constantly visit your customer websites in order to see if they have published new vacancies. You can now monitor your client websites for changes easily and efficiently, just by filling in the websites to be monitored in our portal and get notified on updates, both by email and in Caerus.

How It Works?

Website Monitor works in 3 steps:
Step 1
You fill in the website(s) to be monitored.
Step 2
Website monitor visits the site(s) and compares the content against its cached copy.
Step 3
If the content has changed more than a pre-determined percentage, you are notified and you can view the results via email.

Website Monitor

Using the website monitor service, you can provide the vacancy page URL's of your customers to the Suneese system. Suneese will ring fence this data and will monitor the contents of the URL's for significant changes, and the vacancy details will be emailed to you.

A threshold change percentage is used by Suneese to avoid too many false positives - at 100%, any change on the page, such as a date change, will trigger a change alert to you - which we do not want. If you feel the threshold value being used is not appropriate, you can request it be changed for you.

For more information please contact Caroline to discuss your requirements.


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