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5 tips to master remote working
It’s obvious that remote working is here for the long haul. With the current lockdown stopping businesses returning to normal, it's time to look into how you can make remote working wo...
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Finding top talent in a growing pool
Sadly, with the current climate, more and more people are looking for jobs. As a recruiter, this may seem like a good thing – having more candidates to choose from. Having more candidates ...
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How to find new clients in 2021
Finding new clients in the current climate can be a daunting task. A lot of businesses have cut their hiring budgets due to the uncertainty that the future brings, and others are being much more...
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Testing Times
Recruitment Agencies are finding times extremely testing with the dual challenges that both Brexit and Covid 19 bring. Staff are working from home, clients freezing recruitment, and some are sad...
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Skill Matching
Skill Matching is a service where you can create multiple skill profiles (usually a candidate or series of candidates, we dont need their real names just a ref so you can identify them). You ent...
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Suneese and GDPR
We have been asked a number of times how our service works within the GDPR rules. This is what we have found, which we believe would be useful for all our customers: &quo...
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Vacancy Emails
We received a complaint this morning from a returning customer who had received an email from us he had not requested. This turned out to be the output of a saved search he himself created durin...